Server Services

Server Services are granular configurations and troubleshooting services. They are provided to our customers who either provided or purchased a server from EZETech. These services can be customized to your company and provide an overall improvement to productivity, simplicity and management of your most valuable information, policies and users.

Our Server Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your company’s data and infrastructure is only as good as its backup. In today’s critical environment (where any second lost can cause irreversible damage) it is important to have an exceptional backup procedure in place. EZETech is the forefront of this process,providing onsite, site-to-site, and even cloud-based backup solutions. We want to ensure that when things go wrong, there is a solution in place for you.

Active Directory

Having your own local domain is critical to business success.Local domains provide your organization with access, accountability and reliability to your data. With this, all employees have designated login credentials and unified access. Tracking and group policies are also available through active directory.

Software Analytics

Providing analytics is today’s way of visually showing productive management and growth within a business. Because of this, it is important that all data is backed up and all networks are working to specification. With today’s analytic applications, we can give foresight to upcoming problems and even provide solutions before they occur.

Group Policies

A centralized admin management for your organization could be the key to success. Group policies allow administrators to lock down certain permissions and features (things you may not want your employees to have access to). In addition, group policy management allows admins to easily update mapped drives, printers and other resources to all users simultaneously. Not only can we help increase your company’s growth, but we can save you money too.

Database Management

Our experts can help to solve any issue that occurs within your database.From extracting data, to completely designing a new application from scratch.We understand how to make your company more effective and efficient, and we can do that by building exactly what you need, when you need it.

DNS Management

Domain Name Servers can cause several different problems. Not being able to view your network or server is one of them. Our team can configure and troubleshoot DNS services so your company’s infrastructure can communicate properly across all devices.


What once held your company together can also be the main reason for its failure. Many companies utilize old hardware to run proprietary software that the company relies on. In many cases, that old hardware gets louder and slower by the day and sometimes, the software company completely disappears. What can you do in that situation? Our skilled technicians can virtualize your server(s), toss the outdated and costly hardware, and tweak your software to run better than it ever has. Virtualization has solved the problem of old hardware and high overhead costs. It has also reduced high electricity bills and made IT administration much simpler. Allow us to keep your company up-to-date and growing strong with all virtualization needs.

File/Print Sharing

The need to share and print information has become complex and can be very unorganized (especially within a business). Once we provide a centralized file and print server, you can have not only a simpler, more efficient way to work,but a better way of tracking data and keeping employees accountable. This way,you can see what is being done with your data, who is using it and during what day and time.

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