If your computer is running slow, more than likely it’s being caused by viruses, malware, spyware or a trojan horse inviting more malicious software in. We offer services in virus removal, full system re-installs and preventative protection. In addition, we can optimize your machine to work better than new with SSD migrations. We remove bloatware and other system resource hogs that can be causing your machine to run sluggish. We believe prevention is key to staying safe online. Our technicians test and use all our protection applications to validate they are top of the line in functionality and security for your systems.

Having a professional email with your company domain is what makes your company stand out and represent professionalism. With our email service you can migrate from any other POP or IMAP email provider to Exchange class email. Have your emails, tasks, calendars and contacts all sync throughout all your devices. With push notifications you instantly receive and send emails. Because we understand how important email is for business, we support encryption and a wide range of compliance standards, including HIPAA.

Need advanced file and printer sharing for your business? Our services provide file sharing for HIPAA compliant companies. Our services support accountability to your companies DATA by providing advanced encryption and monitoring to your files and how they are used.

Trying to connect more than one computer in your house or office? No problem! Our network experts can connect any system to the internet and more. Ask about our remote office services where we make it possible for you to work from your phone or laptop, from ANYWHERE in the world!
Our experts have the skills and knowledge to optimize your wireless woes. With expertise in mesh wireless technologies, never run into a dead spot in your WiFi.

Tired of losing your data when your system crashes. Backup your entire computer or company to the cloud, synchronize data throughout all your computers or even your phone. Cloud is the future and with todays dropping cost of cloud services we can get you and your company fully migrated into the cloud.

Ever wanted to keep an eye on your house while on vacation? We offer home and business security services. Whether it be analog or IP surveillance, we have solutions for you. Our smart home and security specialists can not just introduce you to this new era of camera technologies, but can configure it and train you so you never feel like you aren’t there.

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Ransomware can completely take your company down and prevent you from coming back. The only way to fully recover is having a backup and disaster recovery plan prior to getting attacked.

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