Our Home services range anywhere from personal one on one training, PC and laptop repairs, malware removal, internet connectivity issues to even installing personalized home surveillance systems and automation controls.


We provide business technology services such as server and domain administration, workstation repair and support, networking support, virtualization technologies, cloud services, backup services and even full IT management and administration.


On site support right at your business or residential location . 24/7 remote and off-site support is also available to customers within agreement. Additional one to one technical training of Windows or OSX is also provided.


We offer web design and development services that include, but aren’t limited to, website startup and design, logo design, website re-design and graphic design.

Let us help solve your IT problems.


If your computer is running slow, more than likely it’s being caused by viruses, malware, spyware or a Trojan horse inviting more malicious software in. We offer services in virus removal or full system re-installs. In addition, we can optimize your machine to work better than new. We remove bloatware and other system resource hogs that can be causing your machine to run sluggish.

Only have one printer? No problem! Our services can make any printer shareable to as many users in your home as needed, even if you don’t have a network printer.

Simplified file sharing within your home. Want to stream your personal movies, pictures or music from your PC to your smart TV or another workstation in your home, no problem. Give us a call!

Trying to connect more than one computer in your house or office? No problem! Our network experts can connect any system to the internet and more. Ask about our remote office services where we make it possible for you to work from your phone, from ANYWHERE!
Our experts also have the skills and knowledge to optimize your wireless woes. Give us a call!

Tired of losing your data when your system crashes. Backup your entire computer to the cloud, synchronize data throughout all your computers and mobile device or store your entire PC on the internet!

Ever wanted to keep an eye on your house while on vacation? We offer home and business security services. Whether it be analog or IP surveillance, we have solutions for you. Our smart home and security specialists can not just introduce you to this new era of technology, but can configure it and train you so you never feel like you aren’t there.

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